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BSIMM firms

BSIMM10 data comes from 122 participating organizations mostly in these well-represented industries (with some overlap):

  • financial services,
  • independent software vendors,
  • technology,
  • healthcare,
  • the cloud,
  • the Internet of Things (IoT), and
  • insurance.

Industries with lower representation in the BSIMM data pool include telecommunications, security, retail, and energy.

Independent Software Vendor
Internet of Things

What people say about the BSIMM

Since 2008, the BSIMM has served as an effective tool for understanding how organizations of all shapes and sizes, including some of the most advanced security teams in the world, are executing their software security strategies. The current BSIMM data reflect how many organizations are adapting their approaches to address the new dynamics of modern development and deployment practices, such as shorter release cycles, increased use of automation, and software-defined infrastructure.

Jim Routh | Head of enterprise information risk management at MassMutual

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